Welcome to the Soul Method Marketing Program

It’s time to get out there and start making some real money honey.  The tools; the how; the structure + the stuff you really need that you didn’t even know existed.

WHAT: What is Soul Method Marketing? It is marketing in a way that connects your soul messages (those are the ones that resonate with your clients) to your soul clients (the ones that you are really here to work with).

Soul = the part of you that KNOWS.

Method = the way to get you into the flow state where it all feels easy.

Marketing = the nuts and bolts of successful marketing

WHO: You, it is all about you, not your clients. Sounds strange I know. But when you come from a place of trying to sell or convince you are actually coming from a place of low intention and that shiz puts people off. 

HOW: We get to the real message that you are here to share, then unpack what you have been doing already, and then breathe some air into it before showing you the nuts and bolts of doing your own marketing the flow way, showing you how to sell, and wrap up with a solid Soul Method Marketing Plan.

WHY: Speaking your real truth not only feels good and attracts all the clients and dollars but it is also how you get into the flow – you know, that place where it all feels easy.

So What Next?  Soul Method Marketing is an entire program that takes you through everything you need to know about marketing. It is a free-standing program with at least 6 different ‘courses’ nestled into it (and I add to these all the time).

Dive on in and listen to the Intro Video first, it will help you to get the best out of this training. And then, dive on into the first course, you will need to do these training’s in order, they are designed to build upon each other.

Course Curriculum

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Launch That Shit Now
Nailing Your Mail List
Creating Your Marketing Plan
Creating Your Marketing Calendar
Writing a Book