The Business Growth System Explained

Business Growth

The Business Growth System Explained

Hey there lovely, welcome to the Business Growth System that I use to help my clients:

  • Ensure sustainable business growth that meets their desired outcomes
  • Stay focused and keep their eye on the prize
  • Keep their head in the game and avoid distractions and clutter
  • Stay on track until they nail their goals
  • Get a clear overview of the actual steps they need to take daily, weekly, monthly

But you know this already – you did the training with me right?

Coolio. So this bonus backend course is designed to help you implement what you learned and reward you with bonus goodies to make it even easier. Because I did not just do the training to get in front of you – I actually want to see you succeed!

I have recorded a further training for you which explains in greater detail how I APPLY everything that I taught you on the online workshop…

This training is about 25 minutes long and go over:

👉 How to check that your business growth plan is really in alignment for you

👉 A different example of how to take the overall goal and chunk that down into quarterly goals

👉 How to use the One Strategic Plan

👉 How to use the Strategic Planning Spreadsheet to move your plan into daily actions

👉 Some different weekly review questions and my most favourite ass kicking business alignment question ever 🔥

👉 How I take the weekly actions and wrangle those into my physical day – kinda vital!

👉 How I get shit done really fast each day so I get on with floating on my unicorn

Two very important Tools

Ok, so you have the system, you have all the steps, and here are the tools.

The One Page Annual Strategic Plan

🔎 The first page of this pdf explains what goes where

🔎 The second page of this pdf is type-able – fill it in and print out the page for your wall

The Strategic Planning Spreadsheet

🔎 Is a live version of the spreadsheet, so please save your own copy to your computer desk top

🔎 Has everything in one place and so helps to keep you focused

🔎 Takes the one page plan a step further by recording weekly and daily actions

🔎 Dives into some of the stuff that I do in the Business Acceleration Club: Marketing messages and deeper thinking

🔎 Introduces the traffic light concept which tracks your progress and ensures results

🔎 Provide a structured format for your weekly business review – and allows you to go back over that to measure your progress when you need a boost on ‘those days’ 😉

About the workshop…