Day 2: Communication

Day 2: Communication

Today we dive into communication. Communication covers the spoken word and your thoughts. How we communicate affects us at EVERY level of our being, and next to boundaries is the most important area for up-leveling ourselves and being available for MASSIVE SUCCESS. In the training, we talk about three commitments to self around authentic and honest communication and they are:

I commit to

  1. Answering questions honestly
  2. Saying what I actually really MEAN to my tribe instead of prettying up the words
  3. Being honest in my communications and my desire to bring my real message to the fore

Activity for noticing your self talk and underlying beliefs

Set an alarm on your phone every one hour or so, and ask yourself “what was I thinking just before that alarm went off?”, and then “what belief underlies that thought?”.

Then for a step further, if that thought was not helpful, affirm the opposite out loud at least three times and add the statement to your morning affirmations.

Listen to the training below

After listening to the training above, use the prompts below in your journal to uncover any hidden blocks to your clear, honest, and authentic message and to take a bold step forward in your everyday communication

  • Where are you NOT asking for what you want clearly?
  • Where are you letting your true calling hide?
  • Where are you not speaking your truth?
  • Where are you giving your power away?
  • Where are you hiding from what you know deep in your soul?
  • Where is your voice being drowned out?
  • Where is your voice most powerful? What allows the power to be present there? What skills and traits and ways of being can you transfer over to the situation where you not being heard?
  • How is staying silent serving you? Where is it actually letting you off the hook?
  • As the queen of your kingdom and creator of all your outcomes (the good and the bad) what are you leaving on the table honey?
  • And what do you choose to call forth instead?
  • What are no longer available for?
  • And what are the aligned actions that you will now take.?

Here is the full PDF resource for this course, you can download it for ease of doing these questions somewhere more comfortable, but please don’t skip ahead, you need the soul cracking codes in each training in order to answer the questions at a deep level