Day 1: Boundaries

Day 1: Boundaries

Boundaries are so important. If you want to uplevel your life and your business then you are going to need energy and focus. In order to have energy and focus you need to have firm boundaries in place.

We have been taught as women to be ‘helpful’ and ‘kind’. Now those are great things to be, but we have allowed our desire to be these things to get in the way of creating strong boundaries.

WARNING: this is going to trigger you. None of us want to believe that we do not already have strong boundaries in place. No matter what level you are currently at, there will be somewhere that you need to firm up your boundaries. That might be with others, or it might well be with yourself, but please, for the sake of growth, suspend all triggers for now, and answer these questions below BEFORE you listen to the training.


  1. Where do you let others take advantage of you?
  2. What do you say YES to and then regret?
  3. What do you do for others that you really don’t want to be doing anymore?
  4. What are still doing in your life out of habit that no longer feels aligned for you, and what would you rather be doing instead?
  5. Where do you feel like you are not being heard?
  6. Where do you feel like you cannot ask for what you want and why?
  7. What boundaries do you see other people have and think, oh, I wish I were that strong/had that boundary
  8. What stops you from putting firm boundaries in place right now?
  9. And what are you prepared to do differently to put boundaries in place so that you have the energy required to build your business?
  10. Write out a list of your boundaries (or expectations/rules)
  11. Write a plan of HOW you will communicate those boundaries firmly and clearly
  12. What will you do when those boundaries are breeched?

Others can feel it when you don’t really mean what you say or when you feel ‘bad’ about what you are saying

People will only push against your boundaries when they know they are not rock solid – what can you do to ensure that your boundaries really are rock solid?

How will you communicate them clearly?

List out the benefits of your new boundaries for yourself, your business, those around you (ie lessons, accountability, ownership, growth)

There are 3 easy ways to tell that your boundaries are being breached

  1. You will feel ‘put out’ but may not really understand why

2. You will feel exhausted, or at the very least a bit flat. Or, you might feel intense frustration and/or anger but not really know where it is coming from

3. Your thinking will feel a little foggy, not quite clear

Listen to the training below

After listening to the training, use the questions below as journal prompts to discover where you need to install even stronger boundaries

  • Where are you staying quiet? too quiet?
  • Where are you biting your tongue?
  • What are you just fucking DYING to say if there were no consequences?
  • What is the belief you are holding that you have no power, no control in this situation? And where did that come from? Where else is that showing up in your life?
  • If you were the biggest diplomat in the world, what would you set in motion right now?
  • If you held ALL the power, what would you really say?
  • As the queen of your own damn kingdom, what do you decree as the law around here?
  • What are your expectations in your kingdom?
  • What are you no longer available for?
  • And now that you step into the fully supported space where you just KNOW that rule, where you create your MF own destiny, what do you choose going forward?
  • What is the first step you need to take in alignment with your queeness right now?

Here is the full PDF resource for this course, you can download it for ease of doing these questions somewhere more comfortable, but please don’t skip ahead, you need the soul cracking codes in each training in order to answer the questions at a deep level