Day 4: Business


Today we next level your business.

Your business is the way that you get to express yourself in the world, to share your soul work, and to fulfill your life’s purpose – and as such it is really important that we up-level your business alongside you in this up-leveling course.

There are so many expectations and rules around business, and all that weighs in and has us squashed into a ‘business box’ which works okay-ish up to a certain point. But if you want to get next-level results, then you need to real about what it is that you are really here to do in the world. is all about being the REAL YOU in your business.

If you wanna get all the yummy results then you gotta show up as the real you – simple! However, simple does not mean easy. It sure is simple to dig beneath the surface and see what really lurks there (especially after you have watched the recording and done the journal prompts) but it can be both confronting and exciting to find out what your soul is REALLY yearning to do. But, it is well worth the effort, because, every time, without fail, following soul in business is what will get you the business results that you have been seeking.

Try it, and you will see the results for yourself!

Listen to the training below

After listening to the training above, answer the questions below

  • Where do you feel like you are having an illicit affair in your business? What is making you feel dirty? What is the little secret that you don’t want anyone to know?
  • And so what? Why have you REALLY kept it a secret, what does it say about you?
  • And why do you really care what others think?
  • What needs to be taken out, dusted off, dressed up with lippy and matching nails and paraded proudly down the street instead of being locked in a closest?
  • What needs to get the fuck out of jammies and brush it’s damn hair already?
  • Where are you ready for the good shite to start rolling in?
  • Where are so over your own bullshit already?
  • And what are you going to do about that?
  • What are the aligned actions that you get to take now?

Here is the full PDF resource for this course, you can download it for ease of doing these questions somewhere more comfortable, but please don’t skip ahead, you need the soul cracking codes in each training in order to answer the questions at a deep level