Welcome to Next Level You Baby!

It’s time to OWN. YOUR. AWESOME.

It’s time to step up, take that shiz up a notch and breathe life into the queedom you are really here to create.

Done with playing small, done with the doubt, done with the elastic band that keeps snapping you back and away from that which you desire.

This 5-day intensive will up-level the be-jesus outta you, diving into a different area each day to come out the other side:

👑 Upleveled

👑 Certain of you path forward

👑 In charge of your own destiny

👑 With all your power snapped back into you and ready to power you forward

👑 With clear boundaries in place

👑 Full of energy and vigor and determination

The Shenanigans Happen Over Here, Make Sure You Join Us

Course Curriculum

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