Your Workbook, Implementation Video & Case Study

Nailing Your Business Values in 30 Minutes: The Workbook

If you are the kinda gal that likes to get right on down to it, start with the workbook. If you are the kinda gal that likes a bit of explanation then start with the video and the case study example, and then go through the workbook.

There are four steps in the workbook which I will walk you through:

  1. Figure out your top 5 values

2. Turn those values into your business values

Bingo…done! And to take it a few steps further…

3. Figure out what you stand for and against in your business and turn that into a Value Proposition (Mission Statement – but a real one for soulpreneurs like you here to change the world!)

4. Write out your USP – aka figure out why what you do is so special and communicate that clearly to your customers


Get started now: Download the workbook by clicking on the pic below.

The Implementation Video

This video walks you through how to do each step in the workbook and gives you some examples – please note this is the same workbook, your copy just has updated graphics :).

The Case Study

This video is a case study of how Sophie from Puhoi Beauty & Spa applied the values system to her business and shares how she found each step and what she learned about her business along the way.

Next Steps

I would love to hear about your values and what you stand for and against… so please, make my day and share what you came up with. You can email me at

And I would love to help you take those values and (re)create your Annual Strategic Plan into a thing of magnificence that:

  • Matches your values to your plans for growth
  • Lays out a simple process to build the business of your dreams
  • Stretches you beyond what you think is possible
  • Allows you to show up in a bigger way and serve more people

You can book that by clicking here 😃