Changing the Money Stories Which are Keeping Your Poor Money Habits Alive

Changing the Money Stories Which are Keeping Your Poor Money Habits Alive

Your Mission Should You Choose To Accept It Is…

Is to begin to explore some of the money stories you have so that you can move past them and start making money flow to you easily.

In the first week we did some exercises to help you feel better about money… and this week it is time to dig a little deeper.

We know now that most of our money stories are formed while we are little, this is natural because this is the time when we are making sense of the world.

Why You Need To Do It

We are generally not aware of our money stories. It is not until we actually take some time to really explore where they have come from and what they really mean that we are able to start dismantling them and replacing them with healthier money stories.

Exploring money stories can be a challenge, but remember you signed up for this challenge because you wanted money to flow more easily into your life.

Doing this deep work is what will shift you forward the fastest, so make a committtment to yourself right now that you WILL complete all the challenges and experience the growth you desire.

What You Actually Need To Do

Go to the lesson downloads section – here you will find all your resources for this week’s challenges.

There is a meditation video for the first challenge and then journal prompts for the rest of the week.

I would recommend that you decide on a set time of the day to do your journaling and set an alarm on your phone so that you don’t miss out on doing it. Mastering your money mindset is important to you, and making this journaling time a priority is a must if you are to achieve the growth you desire.

You will be surprised what you learn this week.

Lesson Resources

Challenge 8: Money Mindset Meditation 2

Challenge 9: What I would really like to tell money is…[ACTIVITY]

Challenge 10: If I had a million dollars I would…[ACTIVITY]

Challenge 11: If I were extremely wealthy I would have to give up…[ACTIVITY]

Challenge 12: If I was extremely wealthy people would…[ACTIVITY]

Challenge 13: If I stopped resisting money I could…[ACTIVITY]

Challenge 14: In order to be really rich I would have to…[ACTIVITY]