Exploring Your Current Money Beliefs


Your Mission Should You Choose To Accept It Is…

To explore the current habits and beliefs you hold around money.

Why You Need To Do It

Your money beliefs are often the hidden root cause of the poor money habits that are holding you back from success in business. Even though you feel you are ready to boost your business, make more money, and help more people, if we don’t deal with the underlying beliefs which have held you back up until this point, you will unconsciously sabotage your future success.

So dive on in and watch the webinar video below. In this 30 minute lesson, I take you through some powerful tools and methods to really bust through some of those beliefs which are holding you back. This prepares you nicely to be open and receptive for the next 30 days of new healthy money love habit formations. 

What You Actually Need To Do

Watch the video below.

Write in your journal how you currently feel about money and your money beliefs and habits.

Write on a new page, how you would LIKE to feel about money and what changes you would like to see in your money love habits after this 30-day course.