A surprise for you: How I launch shit super fast

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How I launch shit super fast

Rightio ho – I had NO intention what so ever of giving you this much free shit 🤣

However, I was guided to add this to the free resources for you – You see, these days when I am guided to do something, I damn well listen (and I would like to teach you how to do the same FYI). This super hot training here is something that my clients pay for and get massive value from. I am hoping it is not a step too far for you!

In this training I share how I launch shit super fast.

🔥 Aligned shit

🔥 Shit that sells

🔥 Shit that gets results for clients

Now you could waffle off and do a 3-month creation of your signature program/awesome product offering before you even start planning your launch, or you can get on board the Michelle train and start launching shit the fast way.

I know you want to make a difference in people’s lives 😉

And I know you are sick to death of what you are doing not going gang busters all ready 🤷

If you really are all in darling, then join the “I EFFING WELL AM GOING SUCCEED GANG” in the Business Acceleration Club before the price goes back up to the regular price of $1000 more.

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All right darlings lets dive on into the training…


Your mission, should you choose to accept it…

Is to take the idea(s) that appealed to you most for up-scaling your business during our live workshop and flesh that out further into

I apologize in advance for this hefty lesson, there is a lot to cover and you may wish to pause me and cut this lesson video into 4 sessions:

1. Who, what, when, how, why

2. Your big why and making decisions

3. Market research

4. Planning your launch


Any business decision should follow the four step method mentioned, and scaling up is no different.

Here I talk you through all the considerations and ask you to make some decisions before conducting market research and then planning a launch if you decide to go ahead.


What you actually need to do:

1. Watch the video. 

2. Download the lesson resource and finalize your thinking.

3. Do your market research and collate the results.

4. Plan your launch.

Ok, my loves I have given you a massive amount of content from which to spring forward and reach your dreams and now you have a choice

👉 Some people will choose to go it alone and launch the same way they have been launching for years – and that is absolutely fine.

👉 My purpose here is to empower you to change the world and make a shit tonne of money while you do it – and if you have all you need (knowledge, skills, tech, platforms, marketing) to do that right now, I am really pleased. Please share with me as you go along, I can’t wait to share in your joy of changing the world. You can find me on facebook or at michelle@michellebusinesscoach.com 🙂

Most people choose to grow the fast way 🔥

🔥 They know that getting help and all the cheats and the support will get them to the point of making money even faster and can see that the cost of the Business Acceleration Club is well worth the spend.

🔥 If you are one of the 79% who chooses to step into the fast-tracked success lane I invite you to act quickly. At the time of typing this, there were 5 spots left – I don’t know how many will be left when you are reading this.