The Bonus Resources

I Love To Share

There are a few goodies that I would love to give you as a bonus:

  1. The trello board that I use with my Business Acceleration Club Badass to keep them on track
  2. The Spreadsheet system that I use personally to keep myself on track

The Trello Board

Trello is an online organisation tool that I LOVE! It is the closest thing I have found to using pen and paper and it has many wonderful features.

Click on the button below to grab the trello board I use with my Business Acceleration Club. You will see that is allows you to do some deeper thinking around your Annual Strategic Plan and record your Quarterly Goals in an easy to access way. It also have A LOT of other goodies, and you are welcome to use these as you see fit. You will need to set up a trello account and save this board as your first trello board, and then you will be able to edit it.

The Spreadsheet I Use (this is the one that you got introduced to in the first lesson)

I am a nerd through and through and I love me a good ole spreadsheet to keep myself organised. Click the button below to access a copy of the spreadsheet I use personally to keep myself on track and have a clear overview of where I am headed at any given point in time.

This spreadsheet is LIVE so please please please SAVE YOUR OWN COPY or we will all see you ‘stuff’.