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Evolving in business will be the way to thrive in 2020 and beyond, but what does that mean and how can YOU evolve in business? There are some key things that you can do right now to ensure your success in the coming decade,  but first what do you need to know about the changes that are coming?

We are moving out of the information era and into the collaboration era, and if you are not aligned and clearly communicating your truth you will feel the results of that in your business during this next decade without a doubt.

There is a shift coming, I don’t know if y’all have felt it yet but it is coming alright. There are little clues everywhere:

  • Facebook ads and social media channels are not working like they used to
  • Fear based marketing is having crushing effects in our society and it is reaching crisis point
  • Women are coming to the fore in business like never before
  • Purpose driven entrepreneurs are gaining traction where corporations have long held the forecourt previously
  • There is a back lash against social pressure
  • We are more aware, generally and specifically, and we are becoming more C O N C I O U S

And that is because things are shifting. We are starting to come out of the information era and into the collaboration era. In the collaboration era people will be looking for other like minded businesses whose messages they resonate with to empower them.

People don’t want to be sold another shiny thing, they don’t want to be bombarded, they will be choosing who to do business with C O N C I O U S L Y. They will choosing where to spend their money based on the energy they feel, they will be listening to their intuition.

The keys to thriving in business in 2020 and beyond will be:

  • Knowing and speaking your truth
  • Showing up authentically
  • Ensuring your energy is in alignment
  • Doing business in a different way, that is, not swapping time for money, but swapping value for money

And this module is where we shift you towards Client Attraction in a new way for 2020 and beyond with three powerful lessons.

They are going to be a challenge, there is no way to pretty this up. This is where we do the REAL WORK, the work that will shift you FORWARD POWERFULLY.  This is the stuff that no one else is willing to talk about. While everyone else is stuck on the hamster wheel of SEO, creating freebies that mean nothing, and trying out new shiny tools, you, darling, will be getting on with something that will REALLY GET RESULTS.

The stuff that you are going to learn in this module is Mindset work which will give you the edge in building your Purpose Driven Empire.  This is the work that everyone who is nailing it out there authentically already knows and has done, but it is a well kept secret. Not anymore, it is time to share this stuff, it is time for us all to thrive.


Your Tribe Dictates Your Vibe

Who you hang out with really matters. If you doubt this, have a think back to when you were a kid and you started hanging out with certain people. Did you alter your behaviors to match theirs? Did things change?

And what about these days? Do your colleagues affect how you feel and act? Does it shape your reality? The truth is, who you choose to spend your time with affects your business in a massive way.

If you are not surrounded by like minded business bosses who are also here to make the world a better place like you, then your energies won’t be a match. One or other of you will alter your energies to align better (or the situation becomes uncomfortable – you have experienced that right?).

You might be lucky enough to help someone up-level their current beliefs and help them to see the world in a better way and boost their business too (if they have one, or do better in their job if they don’t have a business) – or – they might shift you down a gear. It is easier to shift up than down – just saying. I choose to choose my companions wisely, and it has a massive impact on my business.

Evolving Your Life will Evolve Your Business Like Nothing Else Can or Will

Your life directly affects your business. Yep, how you feel in life is reflected in your business. Have a think back to a time when you were thriving in business… what else was going in your life? Now think about a time when business felt like a hard slog… what was going on your life then? Starting to see the coloration?

But how does our life affect our business? I believe that business are life are inextricably intertwined and the truth is that we are energy, and really energy is all there is. The energy that we create in our lives (or the vibes we generate for the want of a better word) shows up everywhere in our lives and business.

Think about your exercise routine, when you show up for yourself and your health and commit to your plan you feel on top of the world right? Then all of a sudden you are brave enough to ask for that sale you have wanted for a while because you are feeling a little bit invincible, and then you win a competition to go on a free cruise. Things just snow ball, and this is the reason…. Your energy attracts more of the same.

But it also works the other way to. Have you heard ‘bad luck comes in threes’ (note: I do not believe this story). Your energy when something goes wrong can attract more of that into your business and/or life. Now you and I both know that things will go off course, they are supposed to (it provides lessons and growth), they are opportunities dressed as a challenge.

The way to keep thriving in the face of adversity or in struggle is to remember that those things happen FOR US not TO US, and that is a really important distinction. When we are grateful for the lessons (set backs, road blocks, tricky situations, things that did not go to plan) we are able to generate a feeling of expansion even in times when some might start to wallow.

So what can you do to attract more of the good things into your business? Start working towards a hell yes life, one where you are happy, expansive, loving life and the people in it.

Connecting to Your Truth and Communicating it Authentically

In the new, more conscious era, knowing what you stand for, and why you are doing what you are doing in business will become even more important. If you are here just to make money people will know. If you are here to change the world you likely have a very specific ‘why’. That is, you know why you are here and how you want to improve the world, you what your contribution is.

The thing is, we often tone down our very clear messages, hold back on sharing our views and beliefs, for fear of being ridiculed. But the truth is, people will judge you anyway.

  • you are too much
  • you are not enough
  • you speak too loudly
  • you are too meek and speak to quietly

The truth is though you will never be liked by everyone, you are someones PERFECT cup of tea. If you don’t have some haters trash talking you, then girrrrlll you are not speaking your REAL truth (or you at least toning it down for the masses).

The key to evolving is to let go of the fear, to just be you, be authentic, and communicate with your tribe directly – who ever they may be.

What Next?

There are many small shifts that will help you to evolve and be ready for the collaboration era coming our way, and you, are in a perfect place to do just that. So put your brave on, challenge the status quo and go with what YOU KNOW TO BE TRUE for you.  Watch the video and then jump on into your lessons.

Listen to this short intro before beginning the first lesson.


Your Vibe Tribe


1. Watch the video above. 

2. There are several resources for this lesson:  

* Watch the video Pressing The Right Buttons Personality Test

* Then do the test

* Then finish watching the video

3. Then open up the lesson resource PDF doc and click on the enneograme link and take that test 

* Then download their PDF report to learn even more about yourself

4. Decide on a theme song if that floats your boat

5. Share your enneograme type in our facebook group – we want to know you EVEN BETTER


It is time to change the way we operate in the world and decide purposefully and powerfully who we choose to interact with in the world.

When we do not choose who we are around consciously we are open to any and every influence, good and bad.

When we engage with people who vibe at our level, they have similar beliefs, they are positive like us and they are here to have influence in the world. We we interact with them (whether in person or online) we come away feeling elated, ready for action, positive, light, inspired, full of joy, expansive and ready to help others. In short we are vibing even higher.

When we engage with those not yet at our vibrational level we come away feeling fear, feeling small, feeling stuck, tired, uninspired and in need of a nap.  There is nothing wrong with these people, they are just not our people, and being in their space makes us play it small. And us being in their space does little for them either, they may feel like they have a little more energy but they will be triggered as hell and putting out that fear vibe even stronger into the universe. 

Playing small is simply is not an option for us anymore, we need to stay up at the ‘kickass vibe’ level if we are going to have the staying power to change the world.

 We need challenge what we have come to believe and make ACTIVE CHOICES about who we choose to be around, because the energy of the people we spend time around DIRECTLY affect our outcomes. 


1. Watch the video.

2. Open up the lesson resource and undertake the activities there.

3. Be gentle with yourself, this one is a biggy. Taking actions to improve the energy in your life is VITAL to your business success, but it is hard to do. Just acknowledge that this is a thing that you are going through right now, accept that it feels challenging, and be open to still being able to love people in your life without absorbing their energy.

4. TAKE ACTION, learning these new skills will achieve nothing without taking action. For something to change, something must first change. Feel the fear and do it anyway darling.  I promise it will work out ok.

Here are your lesson resource for this lesson