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Your Money Story


Your Money Story


In this lesson we explore your back story about money and then create a whole new empowered Money Love Story for you.


I can teach you all the ‘things’ about growing your business (and I will), but you cannot grow a successful business with dis-empowered money stories pulling you backwards and counteracting every thing you do.


1. Watch the video. 

2. Explore your back stories about money by writing out your Money Story using the prompts below

  • My mum’s (or another female figure) history with, and beliefs about money, are…
  • My dad’s (or another male figure) history with, and beliefs about money, are…
  • The things that I heard my family saying about money when I was growing up included… (get as many out as possible)
  • *Now read back over the last response and highlight any ‘sayings’ or ‘beliefs’ which are now apparent to you
  • Overall I would say that I learnt that money was….
  • Overall I would say that I learnt in order to get money you had to….
  • Overall I would say that I absorbed the belief that if you had a lot of money you were…

3. Now write out an overall summary of your OWN money story

4. Would you say that your money stories are helpful or a hinderance to you building your business?

5. Now what do you choose for your new beliefs about money instead?

6. *If there are any particularly ‘stuck’ stories or beliefs that you cannot seem to get past, try this…

  • Write out the belief
  • Acknowledge the source of the belief
  • Write out why you are grateful for that belief (for example did it allow you to not be embarrassed about not having money, did it keep you safe in some way?)
  • Write down why you choose to no longer hold that belief
  • Write out what you CHOOSE to believe now instead

7. Answer the questions in the video about your most supportive person/animal

8. Re-write out your new Empowered Money Love Story

9. Read that new Empowered Money Love Story AT LEAST once a day from this day forth

10. Share with the group what your biggest surprise or take away was