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Who the Hell Am I?


Business resilience is the secret to business success. 

You have all seen businesses pop up and be a roaring success for a few minutes and then a few years later no one even knows what they are doing anymore.  These fly by night businesses fail to last the distance because the people behind the business either get worn out, find out that the business was not what they thought it was (usually because they did not take the time to match the business to their core values or were doing it make a quick buck), or they mess something up by not sticking to their strengths.

You darling, are here to change the world, so we have to make sure that you are around for the foreseeable future so that you can change the lives of your tribe.  

This module pulls out all the stops to take you through an exploration of who you are so that you can sustain business growth, and then empowers you to build routines into your life that will ensure you can keep up the pace.

Business success is not a short sprint or one off actions, it is showing  up everyday… consistently, not just when you feel up to it. 


Who The Hell Am I?


Your mission, should you choose to accept it…

Is to learn a little bit more about yourself. 

I am not talking about loving yourself (that is whole other module) I am talking about taking a real honest look in the mirror and then using the knowledge to super charge your business by:

* Completely accepting who you are as a person so you can spend your energy on figuring out your business

* Understand why you do the things you do and plan your days, weeks, and months to flow better for how you operate in the world


Trying to fit the mold is exhausting at best and soul destroying at its worst.

You know this already, you have been around the sun a few times now.

But learning even more about yourself will enable to you shape and morph your business so that it is sustainable.

You will ensure business resilience when you are operating out of your strengths and minimizing the impact of your weaknesses.


1. Watch the video. 

2. There are several resources for this lesson:  

* Watch the video Pressing The Right Buttons Personality Test.

* Then do the test.

* Then finish watching the video.

3. Then open up the lesson resource PDF doc and click on the enneograme link and take that test.

* Then download their PDF report to learn even more about yourself.

4. Decide on a theme song if that floats your boat.

5. Share your enneograme type in our facebook group – we want to know you EVEN BETTER.

Here are your lesson resources for this course