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What New Structures Do You Need to Put In Place?

What New Structures Do You Need To Put In Place


Ok, here we dive into some physical things. Now that you have thought about what a dream business would look like for you, and we have busted some of the bullshit stories holding you back from believing that your life can be that amazing, we move into what are some of the things you need to have in place to support that dream business operation.


In order for your business to work in ease and flow you are going to need some cheaty tools and systems (my favourite part, the cheating, the ease, the flow)


1. Listen to the audio – sorry this one is 18 minutes because it covers a lot

2. Write out your customer journey and think about how easy it is for you and them at each point

3. What are some of the things that you have seen other have in their businesses that look far easier than what you do

3. Write out your new statement of intent about what you BE. DO. HAVE.

4. Decide HOW your customers will contact you, buy from you and how you will communicate with them

5. Source the new systems you decide to have

6. Implement and integrate the systems you decided to have


6. What do you need to add or take away to make your business structure flow? An easy website that you control etc?

7. What do you need to change (if anything) about the physicality of your business?

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