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What is Money Really? And How Do I Feel About It?



Getting a Handle on Finances

There is a lot to know, but it is all super easy, really!

The world wants to complicate money. You see, you are controllable if you don’t have true freedom. And having a handle on your finances means you are getting pretty damn close to not needing anyone else. Steady on girlfriend, we can’t have you being too powerful – leave the numbers to those who know what they are doing….

Well, I make a stand against that.

You might already be in complete control of your finances, both personal and business, and have a great relationship with money, and if so that is great, this course will give you a few tweaks which will really make a difference to your business growth.

And if you would like a better relationship with money, and you would like true financial autonomy then jump on in, this course will blow your mind!


What is Money Really? And How Do I Feel About It


We take a leap of the cliff here basically. Everything you think money is has been constructed by society!

But there is a WHOLE other way to think about money, and that is what we dive into here.

Then we move on to explore what you really think about money.


The way you think and feel about money has a MASSIVE impact on how much of it you will attract into and retain in your life.


1. Watch the video. 

2. Write down your answer for 1-10 (I can’t tell you more without spoiling the activity)

3. STRETCH ACTIVITY Journal Prompt: What I really think about money is…. I want you to stream of consciousness write here for a good 20 minutes

4. Then go back and highlight any statements or beliefs that would hold you back from attracting/allowing more of it into your life and answer these questions:

  • When did I first hear or absorb that belief
  • What proof do I have that this belief is not ALWAYS true
  • How is my life WITH this belief?
  • What would my life look and feel like without this belief?
  • Is it safe for me to give up this belief now?
  • What do I choose to believe instead?

5. Now take all your new beliefs and turn them into positive affirmations

6. Post these positive affirmations into the Facebook group so that I can check the manifestation language 🙂 and celebrate your new affirmations with you