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What Are Your Boundaries Around Business And How You Choose to Show Up?

What Are Your Boundaries Around Business & How You Choose to Show Up?


We explore what you really want, create some new expectations and then set some new boundaries for you.

Then, we take a bit of a deep dive to the bottom of the ocean, and turn all that shit upside down.


Boundaries, whoot, whoot, I LOVE boundaries, said no one ever, but let me tell you, they are the secret to success. You cannot grow your business unless you create some space for it.

The thing is, you get to create your own reality, and doing shit just because you THINK it has to been done that way is a sure fire way to push away the results that come from working in ease and flow.


  1. Listen to the audio below then answer these questions TWICE. Once during the audio briefly while I tap out your questions, and then again in more detail afterwards.

2. How would you really choose for your business to be if you had a million in the bank and $50K on repeat?

3. Write out your new expectations of your dream business.

4. Write out what you are no longer available for.

5. Where am I right now and what beliefs have allowed me to get here? And then as an extension activity, what beliefs would better serve you now instead?

6. If you can create your reality what do you choose to call in now?

7. If you consider that we train those around us how to treat us, ie clients, kids, loved ones, friends, even shop assistants, then how do you choose to express your boundaries firmly and with confidence, and ask to be treated the way that you choose to be treated instead? And what will you do next time someone breaches those new boundaries? Maybe have a little one-liner planned out.

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