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What are the Options Available to You

What Are The Options Available To You


Business CAN BE anything you want it to be. Here I ask you to suspend reality and limitations for a second and think about WHAT you REALLY want.


You are capable of creating any reality you like. I have seen hundreds of women decide that they deserve something better and then instantaneously build that for themselves, and it all starts with setting expectations.

But before you can even EXPECT a fabulous business which SERVES YOU while changing the world and making you tonnes of money, you need to think about what you actually want. Because if you don’t know where you are going how will you know when you have gotten there? Actually, it is MORE than that. In order to get to where you want you to be, you need to start making the decisions that the person WHO ALREADY has that would be taking, and you can’t do that if you don’t know WHAT that LOOKS like.


1. Listen to the audio

2. Stream of consciousness journaling on the questions in the audio

3. Brainstorm your new business structure on a large piece of paper and just let it all COME OUT, let it flow, go big. And then go bigger still. Now, bigger does NOT mean more or harder, it means go bigger with what feels aligned. You don’t need 3 factories and 100 staff to succeed, that is a patriarchal, out-dated version of business success. You can build a 6-figure business with JUST YOU and no premises! So don’t be buying into bullshit stories here, tap into soul, and approach it from THAT place!

  • What will your customer-facing involvement be?
  • What will be online and offline?
  • What will be the hours of business?
  • What will access to you look like?
  • What will your role in the business include and not include
  • What level of support will you call in?

4. Affirmations to add to your list:

  • I choose to release all blockages, all fears, and any stories that stand in my way
  • I am the queen of my empire and success comes to me oh so easily
  • I get to choose what my business looks like, all I need to do is visualize it, believe it, and it is mine
  • I call in and accept success INSTANEOUSLY, as in, as I breathe in air, so do I breathe in business success in ease and flow
  • There is NO-thing that I ever NEED to do, all my successes are on the way to me now, all I do is connect to my vision and take aligned action
  • I am building the business of my dreams so easily, who knew it was going to be THIS damn easy?
  • I think it and it is done, things automatically appear for me, doors are continuously opening for me to show me the way
  • I am like a magnet for success, I can feel it being drawn to me in EVERY moment

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