Business Acceleration Club

Trusting Totally



We are going to connect with the devineness inside of you, ask for what you want and start living that life out loud. 


You can and should ask for everything you want. The happier you are, the more in flow you are, and the more good you can do in the world. Stop playing it small baby and dig into what you really want!  And once you start playing it a big bigger, shiz gets a WHOLE LOT more exciting, and the knock on effect from that…. is you doubling down on your work and working from flow! Win/Win.


1. Listen to the audio file HERE

2. Make a BE  DO  HAVE  list – and go big

3. Practice asking for what you want, as women we tend to push our needs aside (holding onto a wee anyone?)

4. Tell us in the facebook group what has changed for you.

There is one PDF which contains all your activities for this course