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Time to Queen Up – Being an Energetic Match For Money


It’s Time to Queen Up


This is super duper fun, it is literally one of my top 10 favorite things to teach. And #bonus it makes a REAL difference to your business results too.

We are going to ‘address the niggle’.

That is, we are going to look around in your life for the small seemingly insignificant things that make you feel ‘less than queenly’ or cause you to sigh with irritation.


It is all about energy really.

You really are the queen of your kingdom and when you feel super fly, and are vibrating at the level of ‘rich’ then you will be able to call all that in. Remember, you must be an energetic match for that which you are calling in. It is not enough to just STATE what you want clearly, you need to FEEL it…..

And having chipped tea cups and saggy undies DOES NOT make you feel like a queen or rich!


1. Watch the video. 

2. Go through each room and throw out any shit which is not aligned with the you that is a super successful VERY wealthy business woman

3. Write a desires list and start working towards attaining those items.

4. Scan around other areas in your life and see what does not resonate with the energy of QUEEEN and make plans to isolate, minimize and eliminate those factors too. Ie does picking up Sandy’s kid from the corner of the street piss you off and make you feel like a slave? You could minimize it by doing it only every second day, you could isolate it by having your hubby do it instead or you could eliminate it by saying “I am sorry this arrangement no longer works for me”