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The Money Flow Systems


The Money Flow Systems


The ‘systems’ that I am going to teach you in here are the things that I do to get money flowing into my life. I have refined these over many years and they can feel ‘strange’ in the beginning, but soul-led next level businesses need these foundations to sustain growth the CONTINUE to be calling in all the monies today and all days forward.

This stuff I am teaching you is GOLD, and I want you to take this stuff really seriously because even though it feels silly at first, this IS the stuff that makes the difference.

There is a reason that this training is in the middle of our time together. Once you have really nailed who you are, what your business will look like, and just how you will take that business to the next level, it is time to get serious about money.

Here you will learn;

  • Money Rain
  • Detachment
  • Loving Your Money Daily
  • Measuring
  • Affirmations
  • Aligned Spending


No where else will you find this level of money magic in a business course, but seriously, this IS the stuff that works. In the next lesson we dive into the structure around money and I thought about putting the systems and the structures together, but I felt that nailing these systems first would give you a better springboard for understanding the structures in the next lesson.

We need money systems for one simple reason. ENERGY FLOWS TO WHERE YOU FOCUS GOES.


1. Watch the video. 

2. Add a note to your nightly journal prompts so you remember to make it rain money

3. Re-name your bank accounts something sparkly and fun

4. Set an alarm on your phone to prompt you to open your bank accounts and give love to the accounts and what ever money is in there – this will soon become something you look forward to

5. Learn how I track and measure my income and net worth growth every week. I did debate whether to show you into the back end of my accounts, but what harm right? I promised you it all, and so you shall get it all. Watch the video here then take these further actions:


  1. Open up your bank accounts and add up how much you earned over the last week.
  2. Do the Profit First System that you will be using once you learn it in the next lesson
  3. If you are using Xero or another money reconciliation system go ahead and use that
  4. Pay yourself! Even if it is $5!
  5. Pay money into your investments if you choose to invest
  6. Fill out your spreadsheet – you saw an example of mine above but you can make your, however, works best for you

*check out compounding interest here if you wish

6. Add these affirmations to your list:

Every single time I turn up I make money, when I speak I make money, when I write I make money, when I connect I make money, when I be ALL of me I make shit tonnes of money. Every single time I show up,I get more and more and more money.

I am a fifth dimensional being, of course the universe insists on giving me every little and big thing that I desire instantaneously.

I make SHIT TONNES of money online

My natural state is extreme wealth. Money cant resist me. It is a love affair that burns stronger and stronger with each passing day, week, month and year.

I don’t MAKE money anymore, it is ALRADY there and waiting for me, the universe chooses to support me and I just open up to receiving and allowing. This is natural, the new normal for me. I create art from my soul, the programmes and the coaching and the blogs, the podcasts, the rants, the downloads all for the sake of the message and paving the way for the new era. Money and my work are unrelated! YUP. BREATHE. THERE IS NO HOW only ALLOW.

feel COMPLETELY comfortable asking for anything I want, in all situations in my business and life. I am, allowed to ask for more.

Money is easy to come by, money flows to me from all directions continually, ever more and ever more, with TOTAL ease and flow, and for the greater good of myself and of others!

Every dollar I spend is returned to me MINIMUM 10-fold

Everything is always working out perfectly for me

The more I say yes to soul, the more everything works and flows, and the more and the faster I receive abundance in all areas, financial and otherwise.

I always make exactly as much money as what I choose and expect

People love to be in my energy and paying me brings them immense joy
Me being extremely wealthy helps and elevates the vibration and frequency of the whole world!
Of course I always have so much money leftover (and time and space!)