Business Acceleration Club

Staying Out of Overwhelm



It is time to choose the flow way baby, and to TAKE CHARGE – YOU are the creator and orchestrater of YOUR life.


If you don’t plan out your life, it will plan you.  In order to stay out of overwhelm and therefore in a place of flow where all the really good shiz happens, you gotta be well-nourished, grounded, happy, and on the form. If you are letting yourself slip into overwhelm it is because you have lost that fine balance, and it is time to take a step back and re-plan and recalibrate.


1. Listen to the audio file HERE

2. Plan out what you can keep, ditch and/or outsource

3. Decide what is essential to your end goals (in all areas of your life) and keep those things – then DITCH THE REST

4. Remember the Peace Begins With Me finger exercise, the deep belly breathing, and engaging the 5 senses exercises to tuck into your tool belt

There is one PDF which contains all your activities for this course