Business Acceleration Club

Pushing Back on Procrastination


It is time to update your level of operation to Super-Charged Business Guru.

The systems and tools that you used to grow your business to the point they are at now served you well, but it is time to upgrade those systems so that you can make some space in to grow your business strategically.

Keeping your old systems would be like trying to ride the Tour De France on the trike you had as a toddler. When you had the trike you thought it was the best thing out – and it was! But your legs grew and you wanted to go farther and farther. And whilst you might still get to the end of town on your old trike you will be pooped by the time you get there – far better to upgrade your bike (aka your tools and systems for business).

Tools and systems might make you wanna squirm but don’t panic I am not going to throw you off the deep end of time management (yet – that comes later). In this course, we are going to knock some of the old habits and stories that are no longer serving you and the growth of your business on their ass.


It is time to push back on procrastination. It is time for that little sucker to leave you the hell alone so you can get on with saving the world.


I have never met a lazy person, or a useless peron.

The reason you sometimes procrastinate is NOT that you are lazy or useless, it is because you are overwhelmed and afraid.  The audio in this lesson will show you how to actually get to the root cause of the procrastination and kick that sucker to the curb.


1. Listen to the audio file HERE

2. Acknowledge that you DO procrastinate, and then dig into the reasons why.  You can use the resource to do this.

3. Write out the three things that you will no longer do so that you can boost your productivity.

4. Write out what will do with your new found free time (you will need this information for the next lesson)

There is one PDF which contains all your activities for this course