Business Acceleration Club

Planning Like a Pro



Now we step up your planning.  And I am talking level-shiz, the biz, the life, the kids, the fun, the every damn little thing…


In oder to be the person who can get shiz done, you need to plan like a person who can get shiz done. You might be planning out your business life, but are you carrying that over into every part of your life too?

How we do one thing in life is how we do everything in life, and all parts of our lives spill over into other areas. In order to show up for your tribe and grow your business, you also have to be willing to show up for yourself.

All work and no play makes for a fluffing disaster!  You are but one woman darling, you gotta pace yourself. You are going to live until you are 160 remember, so relax.  You already nailed the procrastination monster in the first pillar so now you need to find something to do with all the new freed up time.  And trust me, don’t go using your free time on scrolling facebook, you will not feel rested, you will just feel more overwhelmed by all the ‘omg she is better than me stories’ – so give yourself a real treat and plan in some really yummo stuff into your life.


1. Listen to the audio file HERE

2. Plan out the items listed on your lesson resource. Please note that all of the resources for this module are on the one document to make life easier.

3. Have ‘that’ conversation with your family…

4. Tell us in the facebook group what has changed for you.

There is one PDF which contains all your activities for this course