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Making Friends With Numbers


Making Friends with Numbers


Here we dive on into making friends with numbers! Making friends with money is one thing (an IMPORTANT thing) and numbers are a WHOLE different kettle of fish. We need to be friends with both in order to have a successful business.

We have some great exercises in here for you that I used (way back at the beginning) to get over myself and make friends with numbers. And let me tell you, my income soared! Not only that, I actually started retaining money and growing my net-worth, and let me tell you that is pretty fucking exciting! And…. you can do it too.


We have some pretty big scary stories that we tell ourselves about numbers that have us sticking our heads in the sand.

You can grow any business to a certain point with your head in the sand, but, you cannot grow your business to the next level until you make friends with numbers for real.

The rest of the lessons in this course on Getting a Handle on Finances are dedicated to looking at your actual numbers and money practices – and they require your brave head to be OUT of the sand.


1. Watch the video. 

2. Journal Prompt 1: I first remember thinking that numbers were something that I was not good at (or the best at) when….

2. Journal Prompt 2: The story about numbers that I have been telling myself has stopped me from….

3. Journal Prompt 3: When I think about numbers I….

4. Write out as many examples of where you are already good with numbers as possible and then add to this list every night when you do your journaling – keep this up for at least a month. PS – your journaling at night is a great place to focus and consolidate your growth.

5. Write out your new INTENTIONS for, and COMMITMENTS to, making numbers your friend.

6. Make numbers FUN. Come up with 3 activities that you can do this week to make numbers so much more fun.

7. Add the following affirmations to your affirmations list:

  • I am great with numbers
  • When I see a number my soul sparks up with delight
  • It is easy for me to look at numbers, they help me to grow in every area of my life
  • Every time I connect with numbers something fun turns up in my life
  • I am the queen of numbers, I understand them easily, they make sense to me, and they make me feel relaxed and happy