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Goal Setting


We get down dirty with some SERIOUSLY powerful goal setting.

You have very likely set goals before, and you have probably gone as far as writing them down and being specific about the outcomes, yet sometimes they still are not reached right?

The secret to setting really powerful and achievable goals is to use SMARTIE goals – these are an extension on SMART goals which work for building empires.

There are a number of very successful entrepreneurs using this method, so let’s join them. 


You have a burning desire to make your vision a reality and setting goals is the way to do it.

A goal is a statement of intent that turns a dream into an actionable goal with specific outcomes.

The power of smartie goals lies in a number of factors, and they include:

* outlining the specifics of your goal allows you to plan your months, weeks and days taking the overwhelm out of planning

* connecting to the emotion and feeling of your desires helps you to anchor your dreams and stay focused


Ok, it’s time for action. What you need to do is:

1. Watch the video

2. Download the lesson resource.

3. This is a large lesson with some deep thinking involved, I would recommend that you put aside 3 hours to complete this task – it is really really important, this is the foundation of all the ‘doing’ that will follow in order to make your vision a reality.

4. Connect to your goal every morning and night.

Here is Your Lesson Resource