Business Acceleration Club

Goal Extension


No it is to build up your mindset around your goals to really lock them in.

Here we ask you to take a deeper look at the real reasons you want to make your goals a reality.  These provide a solid anchor for the times when business as usual starts to feel a bit overwhelming.


The goal setting was intense but quite brain based. Here we ask you dig into some mindset work because that is what gets results.

Without fail, the clients who do this extension work, will experience the best successes.

Goals and action plans without a link to emotions can be easily de-railed, and taking the time to do this extnesion work will keep you on track.


Ok, time to take action, this is what you need to do:

1. Watch the video.

2. Open up the lesson resource.

3. Answer all the questions on the resource, but really take your time, connect deeply.

4. Sumarize your learning from this activity and keep it somewhere, maybe in your journal? and read it once a week.

HAHA that has to be up there with the top 10 ugliest freeze frames of all time lol

Here is Your Lesson Resource