Business Acceleration Club

Getting Un-Stuck



The purpose of this lesson is to move you beyond the stories that you don’t know what to do and accept that you already have everything you need to be the success that you already are.


Getting or staying stuck for any length of time is a drag and a waste of your precious time. this lesson gives you the tools you need to give you shove that forward into action again.


1. Listen to the audio file HERE

2. Create your own Magical Mentors Circle

3. Connect with yourself deeply to get clarity on the underlying causes of the ‘stuckness’ – is a fear of failure or a fear of success?

4. Figure out how to ad some much needed small rewards to your day. I add a BIG reward to the end of every goal achieved. This is actually really important, and is a part that we often miss out – if you don’t have a good ole dance around the fire to celebrate how the does universe know you want more that shiz in your life?

There is one PDF which contains all your activities for this course