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Business Structures

I am a bit, a lot, actually, excited about this course in particular!

Because it is the beginning point of changing HOW you think about your business. You see the thing is, you have been led to believe that business has to be done in a certain way, and that way is constraining, it is boring as hell, and it kills purpose-driven entrepreneurs like you and me faster than cyanide.

You, my darling are meant to be the ruler of your empire, the queen of your domain, the rabble-rouser who does what the hell feels best in any moment, the one who gets to have it all: the results; the money; the freedom; the fun. So, let’s begin that journey, shall we? Let’s get on with building your empire and placing you on the throne so you can sparkle like the queen you are born to be. Perhaps you would like to wear your crown during this training?

Business Structures


Here I introduce you to what a Business PinkPrint is.

And then I give you some of the boring stuff as well around business structure 🙂


You are born to build an amazing business empire that serves both you and clients in a way that is soul-filling and fun for all involved, and that will be different for all of you. But before we dive into the fun stuff, we briefly need to look into the structures of a business from a financial and structural point of view.


1. Watch the video.

2. Open up the resource below and ask yourself these questions – there are expansion and prompting questions in the resource for you:

a) Who will be in your business?

b) Will you be GST registered?

c) How much protection do you decide to have?

e) What will your business look like in the future?

f) Is your business name future proofed?

3. If you choose to set up a company do so now: decide on a name and register your company! Don’t worry I made a step by step video for you 😉. Here is the video

4. Arrange what level of insurance you feel you desire.

5. Talk to your accountant and lawyer and business structure and GST

# If you need some help, jump into the facebook group and we will guide you.

Here is Your Lesson Resource