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A Real Conversation with Money


A Real Conversation with Money


So we know that money is just energy, and therefore is an expander of us. Ie, we are fabulous and therefore with even more money we are going to be even more fabulous.

That is a given – we have taken this on board in our minds, but not necessarily in our hearts! Why? because, we still see money as being external to ourselves, and we treat it like a dirty little secret!

So…. we are gonna make friends with it!


Until you are friends with money, and I mean, intimate, close AF friends, you will continue to have a push pull relationship with it. As in, you will attract money and then it will find a way to leave – whch in my opinion defeats the purpose!


1. Watch the video. 

2. Do the money conversation exercises using the prompts below and capture your ‘discoveries’ after each conversation.

  • Dear Money, I have so so so many things to say to you, I want you to know that I do actually harbour some pretty serious ‘rah’ towards you and in the interests of us improving our relationship, I would like to lay them on the table for you. I feel…
  • Dear [insert your name], this is money talking here, I hear what you are saying and I also have some things to say. I feel….
  • Dear Money, I also hear what you are saying. Wow, we had each other wrong for sure, let’s make a plan to trust and respect each other more.
    • What would you like from me?
    • How would you like to be treated?
    • and what do you want me to know?
  • Dear Money, I know that you have my (and the worlds) highest interests at heart, what is it that you truely want me to understand about you?
  • Dear Money, how would you like me to call more of you in and represent you to the world?
  • Dear Money, I am sorry that I have treated you like a second class citizen up to this point, how would you like me to honor you from this point forward?
  • Dear Money, I am so pleased that we have had these conversations, what I want and expect from you from this day forward is…

3. Write out a one page statement about your new commitments to money and put in your journal – read it every day

4. Have a real conversation about money (aka we are moving towards it NOT being a dirty little secret) with at least one new person every week from this day forward. Until we feel comfortable enough to talk about it out loud we will not truely be in alignment to call it in

5. Write a list of the wonderful things you will do with money in the future – a desires list if you will – and add to this at night when you do your journaling. Remember money comes to a plan.