The Fast Launch Method

The Fast Launch Method

Your mission, should you choose to accept it…

s to launch your online programme on the world!

Why You Need To Do It

It is time darling… you know you are ready for this, and the world sure as hell is ready for what you got… so get it out there!

Let’s get you making a splash in the world.

What You Need To Do

I thought long and hard about the best way to show you how to launch really quickly and I decided that watching a case study would be the best way. So for this lesson, you get to see ‘inside’ one of my client’s course launches.

1. Watch the video above.   There are no lessons as such for this module, and the video is a mammoth marathon session, so watch it in stages if you need to.

2. Download your lesson resource.  I said there was no lesson resource with this video, but I decided to give you a bonus anyway.  Advertising Checklist – this is a series of questions to ask yourself before you launch anything, a freebie offer, a challenge, a webinar, a programme. 

3. Create your sales funnel! If you need support we can talk through your next steps in our weekly coaching session.

4. Get on with changing the world.

An advertising checklist