Intro to creating courses

What Will We Be Covering?

Only all the cheats to do all this stuff super fast:

 How to name your course

 How long or short your course should be depending on where you are pitching in the market place

 The best place to start with course creation

 How to price your course

 How to plan out a courses broad structure

 How to turn a course structure into modules and lessons

 How to plan lesson content

 How to clarify content and discover what you need to consider

 Find out the many different ways you can deliver content

 The tech tools I use personally which are all FREE

 How to do intro and outro videos

 Filming methods

 Marketing tips

 Recording schedules 

 Making irresistible offers 

 Retaining course participants

 Making resources the easy way

 How to store and share videos safely

 How to plan a lesson and teach effectively

There is more, but honestly my hand is about to fall off…

The cheapest (and best) one off payment course platform

This is the platform that I use. Not only will you find the platform great and very very affordable (especially when you start comparing platforms like teachable etc) but you will find the information sharing and support from this team second to none. No, I am not an affiliate just a raving fan Click Here

Video Editing Software: Typito

I have tried HUNDREDS of video editing software and let me tell you it is enough to drive a woman to drink.  Let me save you the hassle. This FREE software can be used on your computer to brand and edit (shorten, cut, add pics, add call to actions, add music etc) to all your videos.  There is also a paid version which will add transcribed words for you! BINGO.Click Here

Video Editing Software for your phone: Inshot app

This is the equivalent of Typito but for your phone. If you are recording on your phone it can be a real drag to upload it to a computer, edit, and then save to Youtube. This app allows you to edit and brand your videos for uploading them to Youtube. This app is also great for editing photos that you wish to upload to Facebook, Instagram etc. Click He