Abundance Affirmations

The affirmations

The Affirmations

The Affirmations

Money is just an amplifier (just as alcohol is) and when you allow yourself to call in and accept more money, you are going to be even more fabulous, reach even more people, and do even more good in the world.

Society has taught us to feel dirty about money and greedy for wanting it. Affirmations are one of the ways that can help us to dispel the negative feelings towards money and therefore call more of it in.

But affirmations can be boring AF, so let’s juice them up, shall we? I love affirmations A LOT because they get massive shifts for my clients, but I know that you might be resistant to them at first so lets deal with a few of the barriers:

  • Affirmations are boring! Yep I know, along with other business
    bollocks, affirmations can send you to sleep. So spice em up,
    chuck in some swear words, ramp up the intensity of what you
    are calling in.
  • Make it easy – once you have a selection of affirmations you
    like record them on your phone so you can just listen to an audio
    recording of them – I use Voice Recorder.
  • You forget to do them – link them to a routine like cleaning
    your teeth, if you record them you can just hit play, and by the
    time your teeth are clean so is your money mindset for the day.
  • You don’t believe them and so when you say (or hear them) you
    immediately disregard the affirmation and affirm your poor
    money beliefs instead. The way around this is to act as if. That is,
    act as if it is true, think about HOW you would feel, like the real
    sensations you would experience if that WAS already true for you.
    The feelings are key to manifesting!
  • Oh btw, morning is the best time for affirmations so that your
    money attracting muscle is primed for the day – you do get what
    you think you are going to get so starting out the day with a
    positive money mindset will have you one step ahead of the game

The affirmations are all in here for you!