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Welcome to Body Be Well Where You Will:



🟢  Learn about your body, muscles, and posture

🟢  Nurture a positive relationship between you and your body

🟢  Gain access to online muscle assistance via weekly zoom group meetings

🟢   Develop an understanding about how your environment and other factors are affecting your posture

🟢  Discover helpful stretches and self-massage techniques that are easy to do at home

🟢  Get more great tips and techniques by joining the Facebook Group

🟢  All from the comfort of your own home!

What You Need to Know

Body Be Well has been designed to make learning about your body, muscles and posture as accessible and easy as possible for you so that you can take charge of your own health!

 Every week you will attend an online group meeting via Zoom, These will take place on Mondays at 7:30pm. Remember to scroll down to the link below and book yourself in to the meetings.

The group coaching meetings will be approx 15 minutes – I have streamlined the information so that you get access to the important stuff without wasting time on waffle!

Each group meeting I will discuss a certain muscle or area of the body. This means we can delve into learning about what the function of the muscle/area is, common dysfunctions involving the muscle/area, and go over solutions or treatment options for you to try at home.

At the end of every group meeting there will be the opportunity for a short Q&A in case you feel like you missed something or need any clarification on anything.

If you missed out on a group meeting don’t worry! I will also be offering one-on-one personalised coaching so if you need help resolving a specific issue or would like an individualised catch-up session I’ve got you covered!

One-on-One meetings will be approx 30 mins and during the COVID-19 lockdown are being offered at the special discounted price of just $15 to make them super affordable for everyone.

Make sure you have joined the private Facebook group as I will frequently upload extra information and helpful tips to complement what we are discussing in the weekly group meetings.



The Things You Will Need

* An email account 

* A facebook account

* Stationery for taking notes if you wish

*  Some weeks there may be additional equipment required but you will be notified of this prior to the meeting

Your Next Steps to Take Right Now

Book Yourself In To The Weekly Group Coaching Sessions


Click the link below to go to the booking system for the Zoom Meetings – make sure you book yourself in so you get meeting reminders and the link to the meeting. 

 We meet online via Zoom every Monday evening at 7:30pm 

Join The Exclusive Facebook Group

This Facebook Group is just for those embarking on the Body Be Well journey!

This is the place to go if you are seeking support or advice from like-minded people who are ready to take charge of their own health – just like you!

It is also another great source for you to access information and tips about your body, muscles and posture.

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