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Business Acceleration Club Specific Templates

Promotional Planning Template

This is a Trello board that walks you through a whole promotional process. If you have another system you prefer, of course, use that, however if you are new to promotion planning this can be a handy tool.

Webinar Slide Show Template

Here is a template for a slide show made in canva. You can save your own version of this and brand it with your colours etc. The reason I wanted to share it with you, is to save time, but also because it follows a specific sales format, and if you copy that flow, your presentation will make sales 🙂

One Page Strategic Plan Template

Here is a template to take your Annual Strategic Plan off the spreadsheet and onto a one-pager that you can pin up in your office. This is a shared template in canva so PLEASE save your own copy or we will all see your plan 🙂

Marketing Planning Template

This is a Trello board that walks you through the marketing processes including pre planning prompts, focus areas and specifics of marketing.  You will use this template as a general overall marketing strategy, and the promotion planning template is for launches.

Additional Tech Tools & Templates Library – Just Because…

Headline Checker

This handy little tool is super cool.  Oh, look at us rhyming!  

This headline checker lets you enter your planned headline and checks how ‘clickable’ it is. That is, it tells you if it is naff or not. 

Your headline needs to talk to the END RESULT. No body cares about your tools remember, they care about results.



A funnel It is a ‘receptical’ for your ‘sales’. It takes your potential clients from cold to warm (engaging with your freebie-mafia offer). And then of course onto wanting to work with you (hot).

This is a link to ClickFunnels  however you can buy your own for just $99 (ask me)  but have a scout around ClickFunnels first to get an idea of what they do. 


Type Form

This is a snazzy free survey and form maker. It does many things and all of them are quite polished. You can create a free quiz for your website, or do a client satisfaction survey, or create a lead gen form for Facebook.

For creating Client Agreement Forms stick to GoogleForms, but for everything else, this looks really professional.



An online payment system.  In my opinion, Stripe is the best, it is the most widely accepted, and has the best additional features, for example, you can set up monthly payment plans etc.  Paypal is what I use to process website payments and for everything else I use Stripe.  All payment systems have a fee, but imagine being able to process payments over the phone or out in public with an app on the spot!

Better Proposals

This is a platform which allows you to create a branded online proposal which can be emailed to your clients. It is best suited to industries where a package needs to be tailored to the client and is of high value. You can add videos, testimonials, terms & conditions, contract to sign and payment portals.  It looks like a clickable slideshow and is very sleek and professional. You can have a monthly subscription if you send alot of proposals, or you can purchase a bundle for $100.

User Brain

A very strange name, but a great little tool.  It is a business which pays people to review your website for useability and flow.  Basically, a person (from the general public) which take a video of them reviewing and live commenting on your website.  It is really valuable for completely non-biased feedback.  You might just have to take a concrete pill before you sit down to watch the reviews tho lol.


Not strictly business-related, but this will change the way you view investing and growing your money. Remember everything you do spills over into other areas of your life? Well, taking some risks by investing as little as $5 in shares (the amount does not matter, it is just about having skin in the game which changes your mindset) will help you to get BRAVE.


FB Business Manager

If you don’t already have a Facebook Ads account you are going to need one.  It does not matter what you call the account, no one will see the name.  Once you have set up the account, you can follow the additional videos in the Success Hub which show you how to set Facebook Ads and also a Pixel (a little alien code which will track your conversions for ads).



A social media scheduling system which allows you to post to multiple channels and platforms at one time. This is how I work: I sit down for one hour every week and open up canva for creating graphics, open up pixelbay or similar for free photos, quickly sketch up a plan for content (whatever comes to mind from my work the previous week) and then get busy sheduling on buffer.



An organisation system so you can stay on track when working with others  (say a staff member or PA) or an many complex projects.

Teamwork is great, but it is so dependent on your learning style as to what you will prefer. Some other great free systems include Asana and Trello. It is best for you try them out and see what works best for you.



Client booking system for service-based industries.  It is designed for Beauty Therapists but any service-based industry can use it: chiro; physio; massage; hairdressers; personal trainers.  The trick is… when you set up your services, you have to link it to a type of service, but does not matter which service you link it to, ie you might offer  posture correction but there is no service for that, link it to anything, no one can see.


This client booking system is best (in my opinion) for online services such as coaching.  You can use it to book classes or group coaching calls as well as one on one services.I t also has a reminder system  and takes payment for you (when you link it to stripe or paypal).  You can also link it to zoom, and this feature is priceless! it will save you so countless hours.



A CRM useful for when you are starting out. There are a number of features but I recommend you start with two things: link your email and your Facebook pixel to this system that way every message you get from Facebook can be tracked unit you convert them. You will need to set up a sales flow in here so you can track your clients through the sales funnel.



This is the system I use for our live weekly calls.  It is fabulous for that alone, but there is much, much more.  When you have the paid version you can: link it to acuity so when your client’s book zoom sets up an automatic meeting and puts it straight into your google calendar (when you link that to zoom) how cool is that? You can also stream straight to your Facebook page from here and share your screen.


Canva is amazing!  There are a number of other systems, but this is the easiest and cheapest version. It has so much on offer: free photos; very cheap stock photos (cheaper than I have seen anywhere else); creates e-books; Facebook templates; website banners; insta posts; logos; and so much more I would get bored typing it all out.  If you pay the very nominal fee for the pro version you also get animated posts and videos.

Hot Jar

This allows you to see what people are doing on your website! Yep, no kidding.

It takes a recording of what people are spending time on and what they are not.

Key Words Everywhere

Want to know what keywords are used on another website page?

Here you go… 

Easy Prompter

This is a website version of the teleprompter that news presenters use. You can also get an app version for recording video on your phone.

Answer the Public

This site allows you to type in a topic and see how people are asking questions. This can be useful for deciding what to call blogs or online courses. It gives you an idea of peoples pain points and the terminology they are comfortable with.


This is a place you can post your blogs. In order for your clients to work with you, they need to know like and trust you, and having your blogs everywhere will surely help with your trust-building.

Google Optimizer

If you have Divi Builder Theme on your WordPress website you can spilt test copy and graphics anyway, but if you don’t… this allows you to do just that.


An ai which takes your recorded voice and turns it into written words. One of my favourites!  This is the computer version, but there is also an app for your phone which allows you to record while you are out walking, email the transcript to yourself, and post your blog when you get home! How cool is that?

PDF Escape

This allows you to turn a PDF into a typable document!

However, if you want to create a Client Agreement Form, I would recommend you use Google Forms in Google Drive, that way you can send a link and your client responses will be collated automatically for you and stored safely.

Colour Hex Codes

This website allows you to find out the hex code of any colour (the combination of colours like a paint tint) and gives you colours which match and contrast your chosen colour. Great when you are choosing branding colours or trying to make your graphics look suave.


You can take a photo or screenshot of anything including a website and upload it here to find out the hex codes of all the colours used in the pictures. Great for getting your logo to match various things or for picking branding colours.

Photos - Various

You can remove the background from any picture by clicking the button below!

iStock photos, I find these reasonably priced – click here.

Free photos here

And more

Yup, and more, these one are quirky

And free video clips too

Colour Hex Codes

This website allows you to find out the hex code of any colour (the combination of colours like a paint tint) and gives you colours which match and contrast your chosen colour. Great when you are choosing branding colours or trying to make your graphics look suave.

Place It

This lets you take your logo or brand pics and put them anywhere. Ie your logo on a building, on a book etc.


Turn your text (ie from a post or blog) into a video. Great for people who are not yet confident on video.


This allows you to take an article from elsewhere and add your website link to it then post it on your social media.


This lets you make great intro and outro vids for facebook, youtube and insta plus other great videos. All customizable from templates.

How to edit with imovie

This guys tutorial is fantastic for imovie beginners, he speaks slowly and clearly and gives you all the goodies.

Typito for video editing

Typito is the free video editing software that I use when I want to create something fun really quickly.

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